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1. Basic information

  Year of publication
  Landing page
  Record validation date

2. Other titles

  Translated title
  Other title

3. Data producers

  Main authors - from table registry_creators
  Contributors - from table registry_contributors

4. Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

  DataCite DOI
  DOI creation date

5. Info specific to INGV

  Data Manager - from table people
  Technical Manager - from table people
  INGV Department

6. Details about data

  Data Level
  Data Class
  Data theme - from table dcat_themes
  Static or dynamic data
  Update frequency
  Type of updates
  Type of element
  More detailed data class
  Main language
  Data Management Plan
  Data Management Plan URL

7. Time information

  Issued date
  Time coverage of the data   
  Data collection date
  Creation date
  Submission date
  Accepted date
  Available since
  Withdrawn date

8. Geographical coverage

  Spatial scope
  Geographical coverage
  Geographical bounding boxes - from table registry_geographical_boxes
  Geographical points - from table registry_geographical_points
  Geographical polygons
  Data presentation form
  Type of spatial representation
  Reference system
  Min vertical extension
  Max vertical extension
  Distance between grid nodes
  Distance unit between grid nodes
  RNDT creation date
  Inspire Data Theme
  ISO Topic category

9. Data Access and Distribution

  Access type
  Data access points - from table registry_access_points
  Encoding formats - from table mediatypes
  Dataset table(s) structure - from table registry_dataset_table_structure

10. Descriptive texts

  Description in English
  Description of methods
  Description technical
  Description other

11. Ownership, publisher, licenses and disclaimer

  Dataset or Data Collection owners - from table organisations_main
  Publisher - from table organisations
  Data license
  Database license

12. Funding projects

  Funding projects - from table projects

13. Relations to other data and publications

  Relations to other data and publications - from table registry_relations