Database of Individual Seismogenic Sources (DISS), version 3.1.1

Tipo Data Collection Classe Dati Sismologici e Infrasonici (terrestri e marini)

database of seismogenic sources Italy Europe earthquakes magnitude slip rate crustal fault sources subduction fault sources hazard model Earth Sciences and Geology QE - Geology [LCC] 551 Geology, hydrology, meteorology [DDC] 554 Earth sciences of Europe [DDC] 556 Earth sciences of Africa [DDC]

DISS is a georeferenced repository of tectonic, fault and paleoseismological information. The core objects of DISS are: - the individual seismogenic source, a simplified and three-dimensional representation of a fault plane. Individual seismogenic sources are assumed to exhibit "characteristic" behaviour with respect to rupture length/width and expected magnitude; - the composite seismogenic source, an elongated region containing an unspecified number of aligned seismogenic sources that cannot be singled out. Composite seismogenic sources are not associated with a specific set of earthquakes or earthquake distribution; - the debated seismogenic source, is an active fault that has been proposed in the literature as a potential seismogenic source but was not considered reliable enough to be included in the database. Individual and Composite seimogenic sources are two alternative seismic source models to choose from. They are tested against independent geophysical data to ensure the users about their level of reliability. A number of scientists have already used DISS in successful applications concerned with various aspects of seismic hazard. Each record in the Database is backed by a Commentary, a selection of Pictures, and a list of References, as well as fault scarp or fold axis data when available (usually structural features with documented Late Pleistocene - Holocene activity). The Database can be accessed through a web browser or displayed on Google Earth.

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DISS Working Group. (2010). Database of Individual Seismogenic Sources (DISS), version 3.1.1. Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV).

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Versione 3.1.1
Identificativo del dataset (DOI) 10.6092/
Acronimo DISS 3.1.1
Altro identificativo Codice: ingv_33
Gestore del codice: INGV
Temi del dataset Scienza e tecnologia
Editore del Dataset Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV)
Data di rilascio 01-07-2010
Data di modifica 19-10-2020
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Titolare Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV)
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Spatial extent {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[5.610572,45.65796000000003],[6.067165999999999,45.97834],[7.139628,46.63535000000002],[8.474599,47.09790000000001],[9.979164,47.40455],[11.393240000000002,47.54042000000001],[12.06274,47.52922000000001],[12.82022,47.42689999999999],[13.550719999999998,47.17342000000002],[14.16556,46.84367],[16.18965,45.32839000000001],[17.8018,43.95514],[19.395750000000003,42.497209999999995],[20.46046,41.436109999999985],[21.01519,40.72890000000001],[21.37331,40.07866999999999],[21.91286,39.01146],[22.10918,38.53506999999999],[22.14061,38.102919999999955],[22.04302,37.68263],[21.618219999999997,37.158360000000016],[20.8232,36.54544],[19.9003,35.95214],[18.5272,35.14483000000003],[17.04837,34.64927],[15.05478,34.26612],[13.93962,34.169929999999994],[12.709390000000003,34.22370000000001],[11.59865,34.42452],[10.59913,34.849600000000024],[9.92384,35.34737999999999],[9.287326,35.96001999999997],[8.615548,36.92487],[8.130978,37.68177],[7.710368,38.38532000000001],[7.387620000000001,38.930590000000024],[6.525525,40.31835000000004],[5.755149,41.41217],[5.218338000000001,42.32533000000001],[4.827772,43.07685000000001],[4.688046,43.858720000000005],[4.818812999999999,44.60674],[5.173387,45.26447999999999],[5.610572,45.65796000000003]]]}
Autore DISS Working Group
Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV), Italy

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  • BARBA Salvatore (Ricercatore)
  • BASILI Roberto (Ricercatore)
  • BURRATO Pierfrancesco (Ricercatore)
  • FRACASSI Umberto (Ricercatore)
  • KASTELIC Vanja (Ricercatore)
  • TIBERTI Mara Monica (Ricercatore)
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  • VANNOLI Paola (Ricercatore)

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